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Created for the advocacy of children's rights. Their protection, representation, rehabilitating salvation and rescue. A never-ending pursuit to arrest, prosecute and convict those who heinously exploit them. Especially, all members of the Chicago Suburban Child Abuse Cult.

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Special concerns center on the kidnapping of children via adoptions. This is done with felonious and malicious intent. Internationally and locally. The new adoptive parents are now posing to be their guardians.  However, heinous exploitation begins when the children are in their possession. In reality, the children had been trafficked for unthinkable abuse. Chief offenders are a Chicago Suburban Child Abuse Cult.

This Cult dominates, manipulates, and controls the children by savage means. The children become a vehicle for evil pleasure, profit and personal servitude. They are brainwashed to perform acts of solicitation and seduction to persons of social rank. Authority, clergy, political and influential persons are seduced into taking a bite of the apple. They are now blackmailed into assisting the Cult with exposure protection. Thus, allowing the Cult to maintain its ability to fly under the radar well.

They manifest at will without drawing attention and are well protected by civil servants. Character assignations of witnesses are launched on the internet ...

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