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This is the global age of worldwide ‚Äčarmed extremists taunting warfare. There is deadly gang violence in our neighborhoods. Families are in hopeless poverty. Immigrants are bewildered of their destiny. Youth being deprived of an average life because of drugs and the lack of educational opportunities. 

Especially concerning are the most vulnerable among us. These are children that are victims of secret abuse. These children are termed "disposable." They have the dimmest of all futures. They are worthy of taking a priority in humanitarian concerns. Making their salvation job number one, is prioritized. 

Our children are what we value most. Weeding out the root of child exploitation is key. Forcing the extinction of their exploiters makes for a sensible protocol. Therefore, constituting this mission's core. In phrasing the words of Rita Pierson: every child needs a champion, an adult. One who will never give up on them and understands the power of connection. Also, insisting they become the best they can possibly be.

This would be the ultimate salvation for children. Especially for those so heinously abused, that the average person finds it overpowering to realize. The ordinary person becomes so psychologically stressed by the horrific details. They cannot accept that it exists. But it does exist, in extreme degrees.

It would sicken those with the highest of tolerances. Partially, this is what creates success for this extreme evil. It manifests so well because of a naive society which refuses to admit such a horror could be thriving.


All around their daily existence, child abuse takes on its many forms. It may include servitude in relation to work or performing illicit acts. Sexual servitude for commercial profit or private entertainment. The physical and/or psychological torment of the child, or any combination that best serves the twisted satisfaction of their demonic masters.

Heinous abuse often involves very young children. Frequently they are under the age of ten years old. Some survive until they are able to break free or be rescued. More often they desist form their abuse. Likely, from an overdose of drugs they are given so they willfully perform for their exploiters.